Our Brand Ambassadors are the soul of our company, They promote and help grow the brand. They are the go to people when you have questions about quality and customer service as they have seen first hand as customers first and reps second. If you are tired of getting blown off by big box company's who see you as just an invoice then you should seriously ask one of the ambassadors how the our small business works for you  to ensure that your satisfaction is always a priority. 

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Avram - 

I was born and raised back east just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Had a typical upbringing. My father was the bread winner, and my mother headed up the difficult task of rasing myself and my two older sisters. All in all I had good life as many would say. Except I chose to make decisions that led me down "the wrong path" if you will. Hanging with the wrong crowd. Getting into drugs and alcohol at a young age. Things didn't pan out the way my folks had forseen my future. Turned alcoholic at age 18. Lucky for me I had many who were willing to help. Finally decided at age 30 was extended an offer for help. I figured I better not pass up a good thing. So I got my affairs in order back east (as much as an alcoholic could get things in order) packed a duffle bag full of cloths and a bookbag of stuff and headed out west to start new. Best decision I ever made. Now at age 39 I have somehow managed to convince my wife of 6 years to still be with me, and we have two amazing boys (ages 4 & 1) we are molding into men, to be future leaders in this great country we live in.
I have always been fascinated with firearms, even at young age. But due to my poor life choices, I was never able to own one. Now after much maturing and growth (and a few legal battles) I have been blessed to be able to explore that fascination. Right after my first purchase I was never satisfied with the holsters I saw on the market. Either they didn't fit right or they were just way too over priced in my opinion. So I decided I was going to make my own. And I did. Looking back, they were the most hidious looking holsters you could imagine. But I'm not one to give up that easy so I continued to try again, and again, and again...You get the idea. Finally I started getting better. I just loved how I could customize the holster to fit my needs directly and it gave me satisfation knowing that I accomplished what I set out to do.
Long story short, after a few years of trial and error I was fortunate to be introduced to Thomas, owner of Grey Man Solutions®. From the gate I was super impressed with his work. But not only that, after getting to know him, I found that he and I have much in common. He is a down to Earth family man, staunch supporter of the constitution (especially the 2nd amendment) and a huge fan of the RED, WHITE and BLUE! Law enforment, military first responder supporter as well. Just the values, morals and ethics this guy has blew me away. Needless to say, it was truly an honor to become a brand ambassador and be associated with such a phenomenal company, owned by such a phenomenal man. Brand ambassador or not, his products truly are built with the consumer in mind. The fact that he does what he does, not to become wealthy, but to actually cater to what his consumers are looking for. A great fit. A reliable product. All at an affordable price. So ya Brand Ambassador or not, I highly reccomend his products. He's made a lifetime friend and customer out of me. But don't take my word for it. Go see for yourself.



Annie is a mother to a wonderful family, who takes pride in being the protector. She is a proud support of law enforcement and anything patriotic. 



Zack is an avid shooter who is consistently pushing himself to be better. He spends countless hours on the range pushing and slinging lead.