Is kydex better then leather?

Is kydex better then leather?

Leather vs. Kydex — it’s been a point of contention among shooters since the first days of the Kydex holster in the 1970s, but Let’s just say they’re both pretty awesome and both have a place, however!

We should not give Leather holsters a pass that easily. Though both options definitely have their strong points, the cons on the firearm. Leather doesn't last like Kydex holsters and has been well known for being safe and effective. Leather holsters, on the other hand? Well, to be fair... there are more then a few horrific images of what happens with leather holsters.

Turns out that if you don’t take care of your everyday-carry leather holster, then it could deform and cause major issues near the trigger. Also if you’re also running a firearm with a trigger that is light as a feather well, then you’d have the perfect storm for an accidental discharge — not to mention a subsequent gunshot wound to the leg or worse.

When it comes to leather, the rule is simple: Take care of your holster, and it will take care of you for awhile. That's not to say kydex holsters don't need to be maintained, it just takes a lot less and provides a superior level of protection and retention that isn't found with leather. 

With high quality Kydex Holsters like from us its hard to go wrong. You get a superior level or trigger and overall firearm protection, you also get a level of retention not found else where, Kydex is also easily customizable at a fraction of the cost  compared to leather. We can offer an assortment of colors, camos, carborfiber style, and fully customized prints for all of our holsters making it an easy choice of what kind of holster you should pick. The Hardest choice you will have to make at this point being which color option to choose when you head over to the website at

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