Q:  How Long will it take to get my new holster?

A: Depends on what our lead time is at the moment. At the top banner on our page you will see what our current estimated lead time is as well as on your order receipt. We do our best to meet the shortest time frames. Sometimes Industry Events, personal health, and supply shipments, may cause Lead times to slip by a few days. Also incorrect order placement with lack of response from customer regarding issues with the order may cause to be delayed or canceled.

Once your order is completed you will receive an email with your tracking information. Please try not to email us before your lead time requesting updates on your order, this takes us away from the building process to search orders and track a lead time causing more delays.

Q: Do Non holster items such as apparel have the same lead time?

A: Depends on how they are ordered. If They are ordered separately then typically they are shipped out little faster sometimes. If they are order with Holsters then they will ship with the holsters. We will not ship items separately if its placed as a single order. 

Q: Can I add Notes to my order?

A: Yes you can!  Please take into consideration some things. Please do not place an order and then request a custom print in the notes. If you do so, we will cancel your order and email you explaining why. Please do not order a product without a weapon light and add in the notes you have a light...again your order will be cancelled. Order notes are for letting us know small details or special requests or other items like that and have been previously discussed.

Q: Can you do custom prints on kydex?

A. Yes we can, reach out to us and email the image to us for review before you place any order. Upon Approval of print the print can then be uploaded during the order build/placement using the custom upload button and selecting custom image as your color choice. Image formatting will be based upon the holster selection IE: aiwb will be collaged for a single image as it yields the best use of image.

Some images will not be considered due to Copyright Laws or Our own morals....somethings just don't need to be on a holster. We reserve the right to turn down any custom prints requested.

Q: I don't see my firearm listed, can you still make it?

A: Possibly, While we try our best and constantly add new molding monthly, Some molding is based off demand. What this means is there must be enough demand for the molding to be acquired. Even if demands is there, molding support isn't, so if molding isn't available we simply cant offer it. 

We are continually adding new guns as we can, check back often or Follow us on Facebook or Instagram  to keep track of our latest announcements. 

Q: Do you have to have the firearm to make a holster?


Q: My light/laser set up is not on the list. Can you still make it?

A: Not at this time. We are continually adding new lights and lasers as we can, check back often or Follow us on Facebook or Instagram  to keep track of our latest announcements.

Q: Will Kydex® cause excessive wear to my gun? 

A: Any holster that your firearm will be going in and out of on a regular basis will cause wear to a firearms finish over time. Kydex® has actually been shown to wear a firearm less than leather over time. While leather tends to retain dirt and debris, which can damage your firearms finish, Kydex® can simply be rinsed with water to clear any foreign particles. If damage to your firearms finish is your primary concern, you may want to reconsider purchasing a holster, and instead purchase a glass display case. Your firearm is a tool.  Just like you should not be concerned with signs of wear on your expensive ratchet set, you should not be concerned with signs of wear on your firearm. 

Q: What thickness do you use for your holsters?

A: We use .80 kydex for all of our holsters

Q: Do you offer MIL/LEO/First Responders discounts? 

A: Of course! We offer a 20% discount for all military, law enforcement, EMTs, firefighters, and dispatchers (both active and retired). To receive this discount this is what you need to do before you submit your order: 

1) Send us an email, We will need a legible copy or photo of your official ID or credentials. 

2)Wait for a reply with the proper coupon code that will be sent to the provided email. 

3)Place your order and remember to input the provided coupon code before placing the order. Discounts Can Not BE Added after order is placed. Discount tab can be found under the order summary drop tab.