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This is the Grey Man Nex Belt.

We have partnered with Nex Belts to bring you the best edc belt possible. The Supreme Appendix belt is the same great qualities you expect out of Nex Belts but with a touch of Grey Man Solutions flair. 
 This belt is trimmable to size like all other Nex belts. And fits up to a 50" waist
Never wear a standard leather belt with holes again. We designed the Supreme Appendix belt specifically for the appendix carrier. With our most compact buckle design and incredibly adjustable latch system, you’ll have all the room you need to carry your protection device and even extra magazines upfront in comfort. The buckle can be worn front & center, on your left or right hip, or hidden near the curve of the back.
That same flexible design also allows the CCW and belt to move with you throughout the day. This key feature limits the jabbing common of most appendix carries belts while still maintaining the total security of your protection device.
With the addition of a new push-button trigger, the release is quick and easy when you need it, but still holds firm when you’re on the go.
Though we designed it for appendix carry, this belt’s versatility and sturdiness allow the person to switch to OWB or IWB on the hip.
The nylon straps are made from a super-high density microfiber material that is an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester fibers. This allows the stiffness required for holstering your protection device if you have a CCW permit or just your everyday tools. This ratchet belt makes a great work belt also.
The backing is sweat resistant
Strap thickness near 3/16”
Strap width is 1 ½”
Nylon strap fits up to 50” waist
Strap Color: Black

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If it's Goodenov for you, it's Goodenov for me.

I hadnt had a ratchet belt before this one. The quality of the belt is a great choice. The branded buckle is a nice touch. Easily my everyday belt regardless of carry.