The V.I.P (Velcro Backpack Holster)

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The V.I.P is the backpack holster you have been looking for! 

There are days when on body carry is not possible or inconvenient and you don't want to leave the essentials behind. Developed around the Vertex Gamut Backpacks for everyday carry off body. 

The V.I.P has a Velcro back panel so you can place it in the best angle for the best quick action draw possible for yourself. 

The V.I.P Combo comes with 1 Holster and 1 or 2 Single Mag Carriers (with Velcro backplate).

We cut all holsters for optics and they accommodate suppressor height sights. Also Features Open Bottom to allow muzzle devices. There is no extra charge or need to request.

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