EDC Dump Tray

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Our EDC Dump Tray Provides the perfect spot to empty out those pockets at the end of the day. Secure small stuff that you might loose on a normal table top like lighters, pens, chapstick, and change. 
The small are 6 inches x 6 inches x 0.75 inches tall. Providing plenty of space but still compact to fit on your night stand. 
The Large are 8 inches x 10 inches x0.75 inches tall. Proving little more space then the small. 

Customer Reviews

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Ezra Siren
Love the color

Love the color! Super vibrant and looks amazing on my night stand !! Every night stand or entry way needs one of these bad boys

@the_gadget_inspector "Griff"
I wouldn't tray(d) it for nothin'

First of all this is the product that I ordered after 3 holsters and plenty of time testing for my necessities.

#4 EDC tray (black multicam) matches my new sling, brace strap and ear pro wrap from FFC. Solid with no deformation or defects and 🔥🔥🔥.

#3 OWB (red) paddle for G44 in red (paddle swaps with #2 gcode retention sysyem)

#2 OWB (black) G Code for Beretta APX perfect retention in my mid drop leg set up

#1 IWB (clear) Belt clip for Beretta APX also formed with light attachment (swapped light but use for practice since discovering the cold thread protectors proximity to my future generations ✌🏾😜)