Beltless Inside-the-Waist Holster

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We cut all holsters for optics and they accommodate suppressor height sights. Also Features Open Bottom to allow for threaded barrels. This does not guarantee fitment for comps. There is no extra charge or need to request.

The Fabriclip is a beltless concealment clip. Works with any size belt or no belt at all. Locks directly onto clothing and other soft materials, and automatically unlocks before breaking or damaging clothing.  Now you can wear gear in-the-waistband, locked onto pockets, purses, pouches, bags, backpacks, and more.
The Fabriclip is a critical for carrying with belly bands, yoga/sweatpants, gym shorts, leggings, etc... 
The UltiClip secures directly to your pants, shorts, scrubs, gym shorts, leggings, yoga pants or any other style of clothing that doesnt include a belt in your attire, this is the option for you.

In 2011 we setout to find a solution to a problem that we personally had with our own firearms. The problem was finding a holster that met all of our needs. Concealment, durability, securement of the firearm to the holster and to body, and most importantly comfortably. With such a large criteria sometimes its almost impossible  to find a holster. We stumbled upon Kydex, a thermoplastic that can be molded to a firearms exact shape. Once we found a solution to our problem, We knew that their had to be others that had the same issue. 

Since, We have strived to become one of the top competitors in the holster industry. We use state of the art technology to hand craft each holster to ensure the best fit and function on the market. We are just like you normal everyday citizens who exercise our 2nd amendment so every holster has you the customer in mind.   

We are an Oklahoma based company striving to serve you with the best products possible. To do this, we use all American made materials. We build quality gear for Everyday Carry, Range, and Duty.

FABRICLIP: Beltless Inside-the-Waist Holster

Customer Reviews

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All day comfort

I struggled for a long time finding a holster that fit right and accepted a thumb rest, this has been perfect. I injured both wrists and thumbs in a motorcycle accident a couple years ago so I need a thumb rest to control the gun properly and having the option for a comp as well makes it even better. This holster has allowed me to run the equipment i need while maintaining all day comfort and concealment. I wear sweats and athletic shorts a lot and this holster with the utiliclip has been perfect for those. I’ve worn this holster every day since it arrived. Grey man solutions will be my go to holster company from now on.

Amber Edwards
Beltless carry for the WIN!

My holster is super comfortable and fits great with my yoga pants.

Thank you