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Our inside the waist band holster was designed for everyday carry. Whether you work inside an office or outside in the conditions. Our taco design ensures full firearm protection with a slim and sleek profile to maximize comfort and concealment. 

We cut all iwb holsters for optics and they accommodate suppressor height sights. There is no extra charge or need to request. 

The Quick Clip offers a fast on and off application without sacrificing a secure snug fit. Works well with out the use of a belt, however a belt is still recommend.  

The RCS Tuckable Quick Clip offers some of the same great features as the Quick Clip. The RCS clip is versatile with multiple styles of clothing. Whether it is suit and tie or tucking in a shirt the clip pulls away from the holster allowing you the ability to slide your shirt between the two. The clip of your holster will still be exposed but foot print is minimal. Sold with single clip

The Mod4 Clip is everything to love in the RCS tuckable clip but in a slimmer profile. Made from spring steel this clips holds firmly, but still provides the ability to tuck in your shirt. It has been finished and smoothed out to ensure that it wont snap and tear clothing like other steel clips on the market.   Sold with single clip 

The UltiClip secures directly to your pants, shorts, scrubs, gym shorts, leggings, yoga pants or any other style of clothing that doesnt include a belt in your attire, this is the option for you.

The Concealment Claw puts slight pressure against your pants/belt pushing the grip of your firearm in tighter to your body. This helps to reduce the profile of your firearm as the grip is naturally pushed away from you body. 

If you select open bottom, holster will be cut flush with end of the slide. This will allow and accommodate for muzzle accessories such as thread barrel, comps, and longer similar models of pistols. 

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