Outside the waist with Lights

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We cut all holsters for optics and they accommodate suppressor height sights. Also Features Open Bottom to allow for threaded barrels. This does not guarantee fitment for comps. There is no extra charge or need to request.

Our OWB offers the lowest print holster on the market for outside the waist. it features a built in curve that hugs the body tight keeping the firearm close and secure.

Speed Clips & Infinity loops will be a 2 peice pancake form and will use the front and back panel color option. 

Paddle, QLS Fork, RTI Plate, & Teklok will be a single piece taco and will use the front panel color only. You can leave the back panel as black. 

Customer Reviews

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OWB light bearing

I am very pleased with my holster. OWB for Staccato C2 with Streamligbt TLR-1 HL. Fit is perfect. Retention is precise. Quality craftsmanship with no sharp or coarse edges. Speed clips make on and off quick, and it hugs the body closely. Great holster...couldn't be happier.

Michael A Lovell
Solid Quality and Excellent Customer Service

The holster I ordered is very well made and fits perfectly. The customer service was top notch and the time between ordering and delivery was really short for a custom holster. I will recommend them to anyone in the market.

Dale Kamishlian
Love this holster. Great quality

Alright so let’s see. Between being able to pick the color, have the adjustable retention, extremely secure on my belt especially with the speed clips. I love this holsters I have a few now and will be probably buying more for my other pistols to accommodate the various pistols I have with the different forms of carrying I do. The only thing I wish from the company, I just wish I could have them sooner after I buy them. But knowing they’re made to your order they’re not just stock piled is awesome to know that they’re taking the time to make YOURS. 11/10

Chad Quinlan
Love the customization, great build quality

Really glad to see so many gun and light options. I got plain black but it's cool to see other options as well. The holster fits great, was able to tighten it down a lot while still being easy to draw/index.

Corey Connor

Work and looks awesome