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The mini was designed to be the absolute smallest profile holster you can buy.  While it can be used as a stand alone it was never designed or intended to be a stand alone holster. It was designed solely to provide trigger guard protection for belly band, ccw clothing, and other similar products that lack proper trigger gaurd protection. Its slim design makes it perfect to add another level of protection to belly bands, thigh corsets, or even as a quick grab and go stand alone. It's also fully ambidextrous by switching hardware to the opposite side. We will set it to the draw side you choose. 

Mystery color is just that a mystery. “Your holster will be made of a surprise color or fun print of our choosing”

The RCS Tuckable Quick Clip offers some of the same great features as the Quick Clip. A bonus feature of the RCS clip is its versatility with multiple styles of clothing. Whether it is suit and tie or tucking in a shirt the clip pulls away from the holster allowing you the ability to slide your shirt between the two. The clip of your holster will still be exposed but foot print is minimal.

The Mod4 Clip is everything to love in the RCS tuckable clip but in a slimmer profile. Made from spring steel this clips holds firmly, but still provides the ability to tuck in your shirt. It has been finished and smoothed out to ensure that it wont snap and tear clothing like other steel clips on the market.

The UltiClip secures directly to your pants, shorts, scrubs, gym shorts, leggings, yoga pants or any other style of clothing that doesnt include a belt in your attire, this is the option for you.

The Concealment Claw puts slight pressure against your pants/belt pushing the grip of your firearm in tighter to your body. This helps to reduce the profile of your firearm as the grip is naturally pushed away from you body. 

Customer Reviews

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Dolores Lori Kresky
Fantastic CC holster.

Purchased for my Springfield XD Sub. Precise, secure and comfortable fit. Easily concealable with appendix carry or belly band. Price is fantastic was well. Completely satisfied.

Robert C Ross
Exceeded expectations

Fits my Glock 42 perfectly. I carry in the 8 o'clock position (lefty) and forget that I'm carrying. Trigger is completely covered. Easy to take on & off. Very stable, the holster does not move around on the waist. Pistol grip height is good (not too high nor too low). When I'm not carrying, the holster clips on the inside of my briefcase for quick access. Overall, I'm very pleased with the holster and Grey Man Solutions.

John F
Love this holster!

Great minimalistic holster, discreet, avail w different clips and ulti clip, I can wear IWB or on my belly band. Comfortable with no printing. Highly recommend!

Daine Rios
Light weight awesomeness

This holster was a tight fit, very minimalistic, and covers all essentials. This will be my 3rd holster plan on purchasing more.