The Shadow AIWB

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The Shadow AIWB rig was designed with the true appendix carry in mind. Its flexible center point is achieved by combining the holster and mag pouch together with shock cord. Shock Cord is also better known for being used in bungee cords.

The Shadow AIWB rig uses a 2 point mounting system, one clip on the mag, and one clip on the holster. This allows the weight distribution to be evenly spaced out on the belt, this improves not only concealment but comfort as well.

The Shadow AIWB rig comes standard with black shock cord, concealment claw, and your choice of 3 different mounting clips

RCS Tuckable Clip- an Injection molded overhook with slim profile 

Mod4 Clip- made out of spring steel similar to the RCS but stiffer and slimmer profile

Ulticlip- designed to work with out a belt but still capable with a belt, this metal clip locks in tight to the fabric of your pants